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On-Site Shoot And Print

no one gets you your images faster

In the digital world, images can be posted online or emailed, arriving at their destination nearly instantly. But what if there’s an even faster way? Before digital cameras became the mainstay of professional photography, Andeamo was doing what we’re still doing to this day: one stop, on-site shoot-and-print. Our assembly line of photographic printers come with us to location, where we output your images on the spot, a physical keepsake for your and your people or clients.

Corporate Event Photography 

Andeamo (866) 399-2834 Corporate Event Photography : the full-service on-site printing photographers based in Los Angeles.

Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures is the nation’s top event photography corporate pictures company offering step & repeat, along with shoot & print, services. Located throughout the United States, Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures specializes in trade show shoot and print or step and repeat sessions, offering a variety of backdrops, print sizes and framing options.

Picture Frames

Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures provides photo and video services to most every Fortune 500 company for Award Shows, Conventions, Conferences, Trade Shows, Corporate Receptions, Private Events and most any other event imaginable! We offer on-site photo printing for meet and greet sessions, using only the highest quality inks and papers for memories that will last a lifetime.

Our shoot and print or step and repeat capabilities allow from 60 up to 200 photos printed per hour – whatever your speed, we’ve got it covered! Your guests will go home with waterproof, smudge proof pictures in a frame featuring your company logo. It’s no wonder that movie stars, sports celebrities and Fortune 500 companies turn to Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures for their photographic needs!

Corporate and trade show photos are some of the most visible and important photographic communication pieces produced for a company. Many times shoot and print functionality is needed for these events. Shoot and print, also known as step and repeat, is where the photos are taken and then printed on-site. These kind of corporate and convention event photographs represent the company and its people and are used to create an image and public identity for the organization.

Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures places a high value on corporate and convention photography. We aim to make you, our clients, look their best corporate picture. Corporate and convention assignments at Andeamo usually come from companies’ public relations departments, their advertising agencies, or their graphic designers. Executives with titles such as advertising manager, public relations director, and director of communications—as well as those who report to them—authorize corporate and convention assignments. These assignments may also come from advertising agency account executives and designers who have been assigned projects that require photographic illustrations for publications such as annual reports.

With a varied number of backdrop options, you can custom-tailor a shoot and print or step and repeat photo session to each type of corporate event.

Annual report photography is also a highly prized assignment. This type of photography creates the visual image of a company’s executives, facilities, workers, products, and so on. Depending on the style and length of the particular annual report, the photo shoot may take a couple of days or several weeks to complete.

Other corporate and convention assignments handled by Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures might include photographing employees on and off the job for recruitment brochures; photographing a company’s facilities and services for a capabilities brochure; or photographing just about anything related to the company, its employees, and its customers for internal and external publications. It might be helpful to have on-site printing available such as what is done with shoot and print or step & repeat sessions so that your client can get some immediate feedback as to the types of photos being taken.

Meeting the various deadlines and delivering images that capture the philosophy of the company (or something better than was expected) are essential ingredients to success inClose Up Picture Frames corporate and convention photography, as is an ability to work with all kinds of people. This is what Andeamo Event photography portraits strives for – to not only meet our client’s expectations, but to exceed them. For this work to be considered successful, corporate and convention pictures must create a positive impression that reflects well on the corporation.

An event photographer interested in this type of work should locate someone within the corporation who assigns projects and make an appointment to show his or her portfolio. Ideally, the portfolio should be a powerful presentation of the photographer’s best portrait work, with every marginal picture edited out. Since corporate and convention photographic needs are so diverse, a substantive portfolio may be appropriate. Newcomers to the field may offer a corporation some economy or flexibility they need to pursue a particular communications task. They also may offer the corporation access to special subject matter or certain techniques. Such techniques may include shoot & print or step and repeat capability.

One young event photographer won a major assignment to photograph the alphabet for a large corporation because he had an extensive collection of old display type. The term “event photography corporate pictures” covers a range of subjects for Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures – from photographing your best corporate picture friend’s wedding to recording the perfect holiday celebration.

No matter what the event, there are some techniques photographers can use to make sure their shots are beautiful, memorable and special. Giving your clients the option of on-site shoot and print or step and repeat capability may be a big plus.

Some of the many tried and true tips for successful include:

  • Consider using the continuous shooting mode on your camera to capture those great shots.
  • Most of the midrange and high end point and shoot digitals on the market include the ability to turn on continuous shooting, and some budget models include this feature as well.
  • Become familiar with the features of the camera well before the event.
  • Shoot and print capabilities with on-site printing of photos is popular at corporate events and trade shows
  • The wedding day is not the day to start experimenting with your new digital camera.
  • Be sure to read the manual carefully and take lots of practice photos before the big event.
  • Know where the buttons are located so you can find them quickly when its time to start shooting.
  • When shooting Christmas parties and other holiday celebrations change the focus of the photos as you go.
  • Make the Christmas tree and its many presents the subject of one photograph, and the celebrants gathered around the punchbowl the subject of the next.
  • Shoot some photos from unusual angles for a different look.
  • Step and repeat (step & repeat) is when photos are taken, such as at a meet and greet session, and then printing on-site so your customers can take their photos home immediately.
  • Different lighting situations require a different approach to digital photography.
  • Many of the most popular shoot and print events, including parties, concerts and theatrical performances, take place after dark, so be prepared for these lighting challenges.
  • Experiment with the lighting settings on your camera before the big event, and use flash sparingly.
  • Try to avoid the use of flash by changing the other settings on the camera.
  • Take lots of practice shots in similarly dark environments until you find the right combination of settings.
  • Get to know the effects of weather in different regions of the country and how it affects event photography corporate pictures, since weather patterns through the nation can vary widely.
  • Many cameras allow photographers to save their settings, so be sure to look for this time saving feature.
  • When shooting sports and other fast action events, try pushing the shutter nearly all the way down a split second before the action you plan to capture — This will help to overcome the shutter lag inherent in many digital cameras.
  • Get to know the sport or event so that you can anticipate the action and be ready to capture it.
  • Always ask permission before taking photographs at private events or in public buildings.
  • Many companies and event organizers will have special rules that prohibiting the taking of photographs at some events and in some locations.
  • Asking beforehand is often the best corporate picture way to get permission to shoot in those venues.
  • Try to become familiar with the layout of the venue prior to the event.
  • If possible it is a good idea to visit the site of the event ahead of time.
  • This will give you the opportunity to become accustomed to where everything is located.
  • And last but certainly not least – relax and have fun — Even if you are serving as the official event photographer try to join in the celebration and have a good time. Watch the partygoers having a great time and get into the spirit of the moment. Your enthusiasm will show through in the images you capture.

Digital Photography Workflow

Digital photography requires a solid workflow, allowing for professional preparing of digital photo files for the web and print.

For the Digital Photography Workflow series, we consulted with a number of experienced professional photographers who are also stellar photo.net members and frequent contributors to have them walk us through their specific digital photography workflow.

The website about Digital Photography Workflow includes example images from Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures’s portfolio. Whether you are just entering the world of digital photography and need some tips and advice on how best corporate picture to post-process your images, or are a seasoned pro, the insights shared here should be helpful with your own digital photography workflow.

Photography: Capturing

Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures handles many events throughout the country including celebrity athletes, weddings, corporate photography and convention photography, events and head shots, and some events that defy description. Most performance events take place under sub-optimal lighting conditions. Stages are often poorly lit, lit with lights through colored gels, and a multitude of distracting background elements. This presents a challenge for the photographer, as the results are often blurred, impossible to white balance in the camera, and very cluttered.

It’s common to have a very large number of images due to the difficulty of capturing something just right. For Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures, the role of post-processing is to obtain a number of images that are viewable, printable, and marketable.

Because some venues are too dark, it is sometimes necessary to capture with flash. One of the benefits of photographing with a digital camera is that the ISO can be flipped quickly for capturing with and without flash. We prefer to photograph both with and without flash in order to present a variety of images, especially if they are being published. RAW provides some significant benefits in this situation. With the right tools, the difficult lighting can be balanced better than a JPEG, even with a custom white balance setting.

When Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures goes out to a photo shoot, we pack a fairly simple kit. We do a lot of shoot and print, also known as step and repeat, jobs. Andeamo uses a Canon EOS 1D Mark III most of the time due to its low light capability. Weather and water proofing is also useful as occasionally liquids may be spilled or splattered in the venues where Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures works. Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures always takes multiple lenses, depending on job requirements and light variables. Zooms are too slow. If the Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures crew is going to be working on the stage, we will pack a 20mm lens. If there is a balcony, we take a 85mm lens. Multiple Canon flashes go along too, as well as lots of batteries for everything and anything.

Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures also photographs outdoor events including street festivals, demonstrations and music stages. These present far fewer problems with post-processing and are generally easier to deal with.

When the crew from Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures gets back from photographing an event, they immediately download the images. All our cards are numbered and we photograph in order, which helps if there is something that needs to be processed immediately. Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures downloads the cards using Canon software. We’ve been using it since our first digital camera, and are comfortable with its folder/file naming conventions.

Although Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures usually files everything by date (more on that in a minute), events that will present additional sales opportunities are usually stored with the event name also. All files are stored in date-specific folders, as we mentioned above. Rather than tagging, Andeamo creates web galleries for each event, some of which are stored only locally.

The web galleries contain all the processed images and either have the original file name or full EXIF data so that the original images can be quickly located at a later date. If images are prepared for a client for printing, the final images reside in a separate folder. While this means asset management is somewhat manual, it is our desire at Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures to control every step that drives the organizational methodology.

We prefer full-screen viewing, particularly if it’s in the early morning immediately after an event and we’re fatigued. A second window with thumbnails can be opened with rapid scaling of thumbs. A single keystroke opens the current image in Photoshop. Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures uses a dual-monitor setup with a color-managed monitor for image files and a second older monitor for tools and other things like email that I usually keep open.


Images are chosen for use and then processed directly into Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

White Balance
In ACR, the first step is white balance with the dropper. Most images from the events Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures photographs require white balancing unless flash was used. The default is almost never usable and the settings from the dropper are usually fairly extreme.

Most of the time we balance for as neutral a skin tone as possible, although there are times when the off-color appearance has look. White balance really is the most critical step in ACR for club/event shots. Andeamo post-production crews also do some mild exposure control and use the vibrancy and clarity controls cautiously. A mild sharpening is also done at this point along with minor tonal adjustments.

Adjustments in Photoshop

Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures prefers to do most adjustments in Photoshop CS5. The primary reason is that we use layers for almost all images, which simplifies making changes later in the processing. Also, we do a lot of local adjustments and quite a bit of cloning for performance and events. In a situation where there is no control over the background and the photos are not being published as news or journalism, this activity can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the results.

Typical cloning needs for event photography corporate pictures images will be for distracting lights, microphone stands, and clutter on the stage. For photos that will end up in color, the process is:

  1. Curves layer, adjust for overall appearance
  2. Clone layer to take out clutter and distractions
  3. Layer for localized contrast adjustment
  4. Layer for localized sharpening
  5. Sometimes a layer for blurring background elements

The layer for localized contrast adjustment is often one of the most important.

In quite a few images, light value relationships need to be adjusted to emphasize a subject that was photographed in changing and sometimes weak light.

If the image is going to be multipurpose:

  1. The file is saved back in a folder inside the date folder with the original
  2. Resize to purpose, flatten, and global sharpening, if necessary
  3. Additional local sharpening as required
  4. Final global sharpening is done with Photoshop’s Smart Sharpen, which I find quite effective, even with slightly blurred images

B&W Conversions
Quite a few photographs end up in black and white. The process here is somewhat different. Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures does our conversion to black and white with Convert to Black and White Pro Photoshop plug-in.

What’s nice about this tool is that it uses darkroom analogies for its operations. For Andeamo post-production crews originally trained in the darkroom, it’s quite easy to use; it has a lot of range along with toning and filtering options. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available, so we are starting to work with the black and white conversion adjustment that arrived in Photoshop CS5. It can produce equivalent conversions to the plug-in, but there is a learning curve.

After the conversion, Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures uses an action of our own that layers scanned Tri-X grain on the image and adds a curves layer. After that, the process is similar to the color image process except that I may add another layer of grain to enhance the effect.

Our nationwide post-production crews also usually add a layer for dodge and burn and a soft light layer with the brush for dodge and burn. Given that some of the photo shoots Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures works are located in dark places, one would expect high ISO usage to result in the need for a noise reduction program. However, with the camera I currently use for most performance (Canon EOS-1D Mark IV), this is not necessary due to the quality of the high ISO images. It’s useful when capturing at 6400, but I can generally make do with 3200.

Although Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures owns CS5 software, we don’t always use it. We find its gallery software too limiting, and because we use layers on most photos we find the type of image manipulation we do to be difficult or impossible. It does have some nice benefits for asset management, but it adds time over my current workflow.

At Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures, we manage our own web site on a private server and use a mix of software to generate galleries. Because our galleries are event-specific and we have to put up client galleries, we are constantly building them rather than having one site that we change every few years.

At the time this is being written, we sometimes use Jalbum, a very flexible free gallery generator that is programmable. We don’t program our own skins so we use a programmed gallery skin that provides plenty of options. One of our favorite features with Jalbum is Smart Upload. If you make some changes to a gallery you have already uploaded, it only uploads files that have changed so you do not have to upload an entire gallery every time.

This is a feature that other software makers (hint, Adobe!) should emulate as it can speed up workflow significantly. Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures links galleries together and creates splash pages through our own hand-coded html.

Archiving and Backup
All original files are backed up in at least four locations and cards are not scrubbed until there is at least three of the four backups are performed. At Andeamo we archive to external hard drives and two DVDs. When hard drives fill up, one is sent to the same relative who also copies it to tape. I have yet to lose a file, but it’s always better to be on the cautious side with backup.

Natural and other unforeseen disasters drive the remote storage strategy, but there are plenty of other reasons to do similarly. Also, the hard drives are disconnected from power when not writing or reading. All the drives at our nationwide sites, and our DVDs, are logged by date and an index number.

Event photography corporate pictures is a fun and challenging profession. Digital photography has made many aspects of the profession more accessible, including toggling between using flash and available light photography. At Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures workflow is unique to the type of event photography corporate pictures we do and the tools we use to post-process. As an event photographer, you may find it simpler to provide shoot and print or step and repeat functions to your customers. This does away with the need for timely post-production editing.

Guidelines For Choosing an Event Photographer

Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures captures the actions of participants involved in any particular event. The essence of event photography corporate pictures for different events such as sporting events, corporate and convention events, gatherings, weddings, exhibitions, festivals, business meetings, and so on is completely different from typical magazine or newspaper assignments whose goal is to tell a story of a particular time.

You need an experienced, creative and professional event photographer for getting excellent photographs of different events. That’s why you call Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures. Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures specializes in Corporate Event photography corporate pictures, Convention Photography, Conference Photography, Trade Show Photography, Editorial Press Assignments, Corporate Portraits, Public Relations, Press Conferences, Corporate Incentive Programs, Award Programs, Social Events, Sports, and 60 second On-site Printing, also known as shoot & print or step & repeat.

In this article you will find some guidelines for choosing best corporate picture event photographer for particular event.

Whether you looking for an event photographer that can capture more spontaneous shots at particular event or you are interested in traditional types of photography with formal poses; the style of event photography corporate pictures    you want will help choose the photographer. When hiring someone to shoot your special event, make sure you are aware of his or her specialty. Many photographers specialize in one type of work or another, such as event photography corporate pictures, corporate photography, trade show photography, or shoot and print, also known as step and repeat photography with on-site printing.

Check out the portfolios of various event photographers to judge the efficiency of photographer. Ask event photographers to show the photographs of similar type of events. Give proper information about the event like location, lighting arrangements etc. and your expectations. And definitely consider Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures. Andeamo Event photography corporate pictures specialized in corporate event photography corporate pictures with our on-site shoot and print and step and repeat capability.


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